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Brig. Saad Saaed (R), Visit to NSSES October 2023

On October 14, 2023, Brig(R) Saad Saaed, Director Admin and Security, MPCL, paid a visit to Noor-e-Sehar Special Education School. Accompanying him on this significant visit was Col. Munir, DM Admin Security along with Col. Hassan, DM Security, MPCL. The primary objective of this visit was to evaluate the impact of MPCL’s CSR initiatives and to engage with the students and staff of Noor-e-Sehar Special Education School.

Upon his arrival, Brig(R) Saad was warmly received by the school’s Principal Muhammad Shafi and Mr. Hairuddin Baloch, Sustainability and CSR Specialist, MPCL Two students extended a gracious welcome to the visiting guests by presenting bouquets. Subsequently, Brig. Saad was guided to various classrooms where he had the opportunity to interact with both the educators and the students. The principal provided a comprehensive overview of the school’s operations and the range of facilities offered to its students. The Academic Coordinator then provided the visiting guests with insights into the school’s different departments and how students are placed in them based on their specific disabilities and age groups. The teachers and physiotherapists also briefly explained him about their respective department’s functions and responsibilities.

To conclude the visit, Brig(R) Saad also had the opportunity to explore Jinnah Hall, where he expressed his satisfaction with the facilities and resources available. In a show of appreciation, he commended the principal and the dedicated staff of Noor-e-Sehar Special Education School for their commendable efforts in overcoming the unique challenges associated with special education and for their positive impact on the lives of the special students.