You are currently viewing Cricket & Badminton Match NSSES vs EMS Friday, 23rd February 2024

Cricket & Badminton Match NSSES vs EMS Friday, 23rd February 2024


On February 23rd 2024, Engro Model School, Daharki, hosted an inspiring Cricket and Badminton Tournament aimed at promoting inclusion and collaboration between students of Noor-e-Sehar Special Education School (NSSES) and Engro Model School (EMS). The event not only showcased the talents of students with physical and hearing impairments but also highlighted the spirit of unity and sportsmanship.


A total of 20 students from NSSES, including those with physical and hearing impairments, participated in both the Badminton and Cricket matches. Despite facing challenges, the NSSES team displayed remarkable skill and determination, emerging victorious in both sports. The Badminton match featured two girls with hearing impairments, while the Cricket team comprised students with a mix of physical and hearing impairments. Throughout the matches, both teams exhibited exceptional sportsmanship, playing in a friendly and supportive manner. The event served as a platform to break barriers and demonstrate that every individual, regardless of ability, can excel in sports with passion and dedication.

Distinguished Guest

The tournament was honoured to have Mr. Majid Latif, Vice President of Engro Fertilizers, as the chief guest. His presence added significance to the event and encouraged the participants to strive for excellence.

Post-Match Activities

Following the matches, students from both schools engaged in various indoor games, including table tennis and other recreational activities. This provided an opportunity for further interaction between the students of EMS and NSSES.


The Cricket and Badminton Tournament at Engro Model School, Daharki, was not just a sporting event but a celebration of inclusion, collaboration, and unity. Such initiatives play a crucial role in promoting diversity and equality, creating a more inclusive society.