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Defence Day Celebration at NSSES 2023

A ceremony was held at the Noor Sahar Special Educational Institution in Mari Petroleum Dharki, dedicated to the special children of the area. The event featured a remarkable performance by the special children, showcasing their talents in defense-related activities. Colonel Hassan from Mari Petroleum Field Office graced the occasion as the chief guest, along with Hirudin Baloch, who was also a distinguished guest.

During the ceremony, the special children presented the National Anthem and depicted the values of Quaid-e-Azam, emphasizing faith, unity, and organization. Additionally, a patriotic song expressing love for the country was beautifully performed by Mentri Hirudin Baloch.

In his address, Hirudin Baloch praised the outstanding performance of Noor Sahar Special Educational Institution and extended his congratulations to Principal Noor Sahar and the staff for organizing this remarkable event. He acknowledged their continuous efforts to provide the best possible facilities for the students.

Colonel Hasan, in his speech, emphasized the significance of Pakistan Defense Day. He highlighted how Pakistan had overcome challenges through the unparalleled bravery of its armed forces and the unwavering sacrifices of its people. Colonel Hasan stressed the importance of the younger generation remembering these sacrifices and actively contributing to the nation’s construction and development.

To conclude the ceremony, Mr. Muhammad Shafi, the Principal of the NSSES, expressed his gratitude to Mari Petroleum Company for their ongoing support in the city’s development. He thanked the distinguished guests for their presence, commended the exceptional performance of the school’s staff and students, and offered them a tour of the school premises.