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Distribution of Eid Gift Hampers to NSSES Students

Giving gift hampers to students in school is a kind gesture that can help to make them feel included and valued. It can also serve as a way to recognize and celebrate their individual achievements or contributions to the school community.

Mr. Faheem Haider, MD, MPCL, decided to arrange Eid gift hampers for all students of Noor-e-Sehar Special Education School as a gesture of appreciation and celebration of the festival. The gift hampers consisted of a variety of items, including sweets, chocolates, art supplies etc. The gifts were distributed to students on the last day of school before the Eid holiday i.e., Monday 17th April-2023. The distribution was organized by DM CSR. Col Farooq Janjua, and teachers were responsible for ensuring that each student received their hamper. The ceremony was held in Jinnah Hall which started with the recitation of Holy Quran. Before the gift’s distribution, Col. Farooq Janjua was pleased to interact with the students and told them that the MD MPCL had arranged these gifts.

The students were delighted to receive the gifts, and many expressed their gratitude to MD MPCL and MPCL CSR Team. Parents of students also expressed their appreciation for the customized gift hampers and the efforts made by MPCL and STEP to meet the unique needs of their children.

Distribution of Eid Gift Hampers – PDF Report