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Eid Milan Party at Noor-e-Sehar Special Education School

In a heartwarming gesture of appreciation and celebration, Mr. Faheem Haider, MD MPCL, arranged Eid gift baskets for the students of Noor-e-Sehar Special Education School (NSSES). This report outlines the details of the distribution of gifts held on 19th April 2024 during Eid Milan Party.

Event Overview
The Eid gift distribution event took place in Jinnah Hall within NSSES premises, attended by esteemed guests including Mr. Naveed Aslam, RMS MPCL Field Daharki, DM CSR Col. Farooq e Azam, Mr. Riaz Hussain Shah, Manager Production, Col(R). Khurram, DM Project and Mr. Hairuddin Baloch, Sustainability and CSR Specialist, MPCL Field Daharki.

Event Proceedings
The event commenced with the National Anthem, followed by Quranic recitation and a lively Eid Welcome song performance by students with disabilities. To delight the students, a captivating puppet show was organized by the dedicated teachers of NSSES.

Gift Distribution
A total of 174 Eid gift baskets were distributed, with 149 allocated to NSSES students and the remaining 25 distributed among the supporting and teaching staff. The Principal and CSR Team ensured smooth distribution, while teachers played a crucial role in ensuring every student received their gift.

Vote Of Thanks
Mr. Naveed Aslam expressed gratitude and interacted with the students, highlighting the efforts of MD MPCL in arranging the gifts. The event concluded with a Vote of Thanks by Principal Muhammad Shafi.

Impact and Feedback
The students were thrilled to receive the gifts. Parents also conveyed their appreciation for the customized gifts and efforts made by MPCL and STEP in catering to the unique needs of their children. Numerous messages of appreciation were received from parents, reflecting the success and impact of the Eid gift distribution initiative.

The Eid gift distribution event at NSSES exemplified a successful initiative that not only fostered a festive atmosphere within the school but also promoted inclusivity and appreciation among students, staff, and parents alike. The entire NSSES team extends heartfelt gratitude to Mr. Faheem Haider, MD MPCL and Brig. Asad, Chief of Staff for this thoughtful gesture and to Maj. Malik Riaz Hussain (R), Project Coordinator NSSES for his diligent coordination to ensure a seamless distribution process.

Considering the overwhelmingly positive response, it is recommended to continue and expand such initiatives in the future to enhance student engagement and morale.