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Inspiring Recycling Day Event at NSSES October 2023


On Friday, 14th October 2023, the students, and staff of Noor-e-Sehar Special Education School organized a remarkable Recycling Day event that brought together children with disabilities from various departments to showcase their creativity and innovation. The event aimed to promote recycling and emphasize the importance of reusing materials, thus contributing to environmental sustainability. This report highlights the incredible projects created by the students, their achievements, and the positive impact of the event.


Recycling Week is celebrated globally every year from 16th -20th October.  This year Recycling Week is celebrating its 20th anniversary and will be inspiring children, families and whole communities to get involved. The campaign will have two distinct elements: firstly for schools – encouraging children to partake in fun activities throughout Recycle Week, plus a focus on local authorities and brands to share the central message. This year’s theme – The Big Recycling Hunt – focuses on “missed capture”: the items that can be recycled but are commonly missed in the home.

The Diversity of Participants

Children from all departments, including those with hearing impairments, vocational training, intellectual, and physical disabilities, as well as students with visual impairments, actively participated in the event. Their enthusiasm and creativity knew no bounds.

Inspiring Projects

The students’ projects demonstrated their creativity and resourcefulness, using everyday materials that are often discarded. The projects included:

  • Innovative toys like carts, kites, and water conservation projects that were both entertaining and educational presented by Hearing Impairment Department
  • Beautiful decoration pieces and an exquisite Science Forest project that showcased the artistic and craft skills of the students of Vocational Department
  • Pen holders, resource boxes, and jewelry boxes that were not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing presented by the Intellectual Disability Department
  • Stunning terrariums, captivating decoration pieces, and useful teaching and learning resources, as well as pencil waste collages that highlighted the dedication and creativity of Physical Disability Department students
  • A unique hand fan designed to combat the scorching heat presented by the Visually impaired students demonstrating their resourcefulness and ability to think beyond conventional boundaries.

Environmental Awareness

Students took the opportunity to share their understanding of the importance of recycling with their peers and teachers. They stressed that excessive plastic waste poses a significant hazard to our environment and emphasized the need to reduce pollution by recycling and reusing old materials.

Judging and Recognition

The event was graced by the presence of our esteemed judges, Principal Muhammad Shafi, Ms. Mehwish, and Mr. Vinesh from the Physiotherapy department. They were impressed by the quality and creativity of the projects and recognized the best projects from each class. Souvenirs were distributed to the deserving students, adding a sense of accomplishment and motivation to their efforts.


The Recycling Day event at NSSES was an inspiring and heartwarming demonstration of the incredible talents and capabilities of our students with disabilities. It showcased their creativity, innovation, and commitment to environmental sustainability. This event not only raised awareness about recycling but also highlighted the importance of inclusivity and the potential that lies within each student. It was a memorable and impactful day that left a lasting impression on everyone who attended the event.