Teaching Children with Intellectual Disabilities

Characteristics of Slow Learners

Proven Ideas to Help Slow Learners

Challenge the Child:

Examples of Interventions for Slow Learners


Reduce distractions, change seating to promote attentiveness, have a peer student teacher, and allow more breaks.


Make them shorter and with more variation, repeat work in various forms, have a contract, give more hands-on work, have assignments copied by student, have students use “three transfer” method.


Use shorter tests, oral testing, redoing tests, short feedback times, don’t make students compete.

What to Avoid

Don’t use cooperative learning that isolates the student and places him or her in a no-win situation or standardized tests. Definitely don’t ignore the problem.

What to Encourage

Grouping with a patient partner. Learning about the child’s interests. Placing the student in charge. Mapping, graphic organizers, and hands-on work.

Teaching Strategies for Students Having Learning Disabilities

Classroom Modification and Strategies

Learning / Classroom Settings

General Tips for the Teachers


Instructional Ideas

Assistance with Audio and Visual Aspects of Learning Disability

Teachers may find the following helpful:

The teacher may wish to:

Additional Instructional Ideas

Teachers should:

Technology Used

Teachers may:

Some but not the Least Barriers