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Pakistan Resolution Day 23 March 2023

Pakistan Resolution Day is a significant annual national commemoration in Pakistan, observed on the 23rd of March. In honor of this noteworthy occasion, the students and faculty of NSSES celebrated it with tremendous enthusiasm and unwavering patriotism on the 22nd of March 2023. The day commenced with a series of classroom activities, including a Poster Competition, National Song Competition, Flag painting, hand printing, and face painting, among others. The students exhibited great zeal and fervor as they actively participated in various activities held at Jinnah Hall, such as delivering speeches highlighting the day’s significance, performing National Songs, and presenting a Tableau.

The purpose behind this commemoration was to reflect upon the historic Lahore Resolution of 1940, which laid the foundation for the establishment of Pakistan as an independent homeland for the Muslims of the Indian Subcontinent. The event proved to be immensely enjoyable for all the students involved.