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Teachers’ Day Celebration at Noor e Sehar Special Education School

A Heartfelt Tribute to Our Special Educators

In an earnest gesture to recognize the exceptional contributions of the teaching staff, the management of MPCL field office Daharki joined the occasion on Teacher’s Day Thursday 5th Oct 2023 to express heartfelt appreciation for the incredible teachers who shape the future of special needs students. This event served as a poignant expression of gratitude and appreciation from the MPCL CSR team and Principal of NSSES for the pivotal role of teachers in nurturing young minds and shaping the future.

Opening Remarks

Mr. Muhammad Shafi, Principal of NSSES and teaching staff welcomed honorable guests Col (R) Farooq Azam, DM CSR, Col. (R) Hassan DM Security and Mr. Hairuddin Baloch Sustainability & CSR officer. At this esteemed occasion the guests acknowledged that teachers are the pillars of knowledge and wisdom who work diligently day in and day out, nurturing the minds and character of NSSES students. They further added that teachers are the silent architects of their future, and today, we gather to celebrate their relentless commitment to their profession.

Expressions of Gratitude

Esteemed guests extended their appreciation to teachers of NSSES for their selfless dedication and hard work. They presented flower bouquets to teacher to acknowledge their patience, compassion, and determination. During the Teacher’s Day celebration, a heartwarming moment took place as guests, filled with gratitude, presented a beautifully decorated cake as a token of appreciation to the dedicated educators. The cake cutting ceremony symbolized the sweet memories and lasting impressions that teachers leave on the lives of their students. It was a gesture that conveyed the collective appreciation of the guests for the tireless efforts and unwavering commitment of the teachers, making the occasion truly special and memorable.


In conclusion, the celebration of Teacher’s Day at NSSES was a resounding meeting. It not only expressed heartfelt gratitude but also strengthened the bond between teachers and administration. It projected an imperative that will continue to celebrate and appreciate teachers, not just on this special day but throughout the year, for their unwavering dedication and commitment to education.

This report serves as a testament to the collective admiration and respect that MPCL and NSSES hold for their teaching staff.

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